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Thematic technical session on the Results Management System

In the context of the preparatory workshops organized by the Constitutional Council prior to the submission of electoral challenges for the 2022 parliamentary elections, the Council participated in a thematic technical session on the Results Management System that was held in the Council’s premises on 14 June 2022. This session was developed and organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the financial support of the European Union in Lebanon, the United States Agency for International Development, l’Organisation international de la Francophonie, and the German Cooperation in Lebanon. 

The technical presentation was delivered in cooperation between the United Nations Development Programme senior electoral officer Ms. Nora Mourad, electoral expert and journalist Mr. Walid Hussein, and a representative from Arabia GIS who managed the elections results management system Mr. Hussam Hassan. 

The President of the Constitutional Council, Judge Tannous Mechleb and members of the Council, Vice-President Judge Ahmed Baassiri, Judges Awni Ramadan, Albert Sarhan, Michel Tarazi, Mireille Najm, Elie Mecherkani, Riyad Abu Ghaida, Omar Hamza and Fawzat Farhat, participated in this training. UNDP’s Elections team, which included Chief Technical Advisor Mr. Dan Radulescu, Communication and Media Officer Ms. Guilnard Asmar and Reporting and Statistics Officer Ms. Olga Eid, attended the session as well.